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Plugin-Sitemap not creating sitemap.xml

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Hello.  I'm creating for myself a simple blog using Github Pages.  I'd like to use the 'Plugin-Sitemap' feature to automatically create the sitemap.xml file for my site.  But I have so far been unsuccessful at getting the sitemap.xml to be created.  


I'm not running a local build.  I'm pushing only to Pages.


I've put the following in my _config.yaml:

  - jekyll-sitemap
Do I need to add something to the front matter on each page, like:
sitemap: true
What am I missing from my config to autogenerate the sitemap.xml?
Thank you.
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Re: Plugin-Sitemap not creating sitemap.xml

Hi @soccershoe !

Thank you for reaching out!  If you are still having issues with this, can you check to see if you find an XML file loaded when you append "/sitemap.xml" to the end of your GitHub Pages site? 
Here is an example of the URL format that I am talking about

The jekyll-sitemap plugin is used to generate a search engine optimized link map for your website, so it won't show any visual changes on your page when you enable this plugin.
Let me know if that helps.

Thank you for your perspective and your contribution!
All the Best

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