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My react project doesn't work on github pages

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Hi guys! I am trying to publish my first little react project on github pages but I am facing difficulties. Only the stuff that is directly on route "/" can be accessed. All other routes do not work. My research implies that the reason is that I am using BrowserRouter, which does the routing on client side. I have tried something with a _config.yml (see docs folder) file but it made no difference. This is perhaps something useful I've found on stackoverflow... But I have no idea how to implement this on github pages: This is my repo:  Thanks for your help!!

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Re: My react project doesn't work on github pages

Thanks for reading this. As nobody could help me with this, I deployed it to Heroku.

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Re: My react project doesn't work on github pages

Even I have the same problem. But When I deployed my application in Heroku I am getting a blank page. Could you please tell me step by step procedure you followed when deploying your application to Heroku.


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Re: My react project doesn't work on github pages

Hi @bastian-ger!


It looks like you went ahead and deployed your react site to heroku, but I just wanted to follow up and let you know what was going on.


React apps work a little differently than normal GitHub Pages sites, so there are special directions within the "Create React App" documentation on how to publish them:


That documentation will walk you through how to deploy a React app to GitHub Pages, and there's also information on that page under the heading "Notes on client-side routing" that explains the technical reason you were experiencing a routing issue. They also offer some potential solutions, so if you'd prefer to deploy to GitHub Pages rather than Heroku, you may be still be able to do so.


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Re: My react project doesn't work on github pages

use base name prop in the <BrowseRouter> and set the base name to the subdirectory name.


eg:If the subdirectory name in your server is folder1,


<BrowserRouter basename="folder1">

<Route exact path="/"  component={Exchange>