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My Personal webpages not in master

Solved! Go to Solution.

Hi, everybody,
I tried to create a repository to create my github page(for my account, not for my repositories), but the display name is:


I create a new repository public, and set name [].

+ Add with <h1>HELLO</h1>

I go in SETTING and set GitHub Pages.

But, show only 404


while I would like it that way:

How come?


Annotazione 2020-04-22 173219.png

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Re: My Personal webpages not in master

Hi there,


Thank you for contributing to the GitHub community forum!


GitHub Pages has 2 different types of sites: User/Organization sites and Project sites:

User/Organization sites are created when you name the repository and can only be served from the master branch.

Project sites can be created from any repository and served from the master branch, gh-pages branch, or the /docs folder inside the master branch. These sites are served from the URL.

If you're encountering a 404 error it may be that the site is still building. It can take up to 10 minutes to finish building your site, and another 10 to propagate across our CDN, so you may have to wait after enabling GitHub Pages or pushing a new commit for your site to show the latest changes.


It is also worth noting that GitHub Pages serves an index.html,, or file from the root of your repository’s publishing source by default. If ones of these files are not present you might also encounter a 404 error. GitHub Pages is case sensitive so these files will need to be named, or

I hope that helps as a start but please do let us know if you're still running into issues.


All the best,