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How to move my domain to another repository

Solved! Go to Solution.

I success point my domain name "" to "" with simple HTML. Now I build a new repository with jekyll + custom Github Action to support i18n and point to ph_page branch. 


URL: -> Repo: "" (HTML)

URL: - > Repo: "vitalsigns-website"  (Jekyll+custom action)


How to move "URL:" to "Repo: vitalsigns-website" ?


Because the "Vitalsignapp" account is the convention to repository. If I remove "Repo:" and add CNAME to "Repo: vitalsigs-website" the domain will point to the new repository?


Thank you!


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Re: How to move my domain to another repository

Hi, @apirak!


To change which repository your custom domain routes to, you need only follow these steps:


1. Delete the existing CNAME file in your apirak/ repository.

2. Create a new CNAME file in your apirak/vitalsigns-website repository. This file should only contain a single line, your custom domain:


You do not need to make any changes to your custom domain's DNS records, nor should you. The same DNS records outlined in our documentation should always be used, regardless of which specific repository your custom domain will be routed to. Repository-level routing occurs on our infrastructure, not at the DNS level.


Once you've made your changes, you might need to allow up to 10 minutes for your GitHub Pages site to rebuild. If your custom domain is reflecting your changes at that point, you might also need to clear your browser's cache.


I hope that helps!