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Github Page is starting zoomed in.

Solved! Go to Solution.

For some reason, whenever I visit my Github Pages address, it displays the website at a zoomed in size. I have to zoom out to 50% to get the same result as I get from just opening it on the computer.


(Google Chrome)


EDIT: Solved! It was a text sizing issue.

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Re: Github Page is starting zoomed in.

Hey @elliott-evans,


Thanks for being here! The site looks okay to me on Chrome. Are you still experiencing issues?

Thanks for being here, sharing, and keeping our community awesome!

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Re: Github Page is starting zoomed in.

Hi there @AndreaGriffiths11 . 


I managed to solve the issue on my own. It was a text sizing issue with my code and not Github Pages. 

Thank you for the response,



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Re: Github Page is starting zoomed in.

Hello @AndreaGriffiths11  !


I recently began experiencing this with my Github page.  I do have to zoom down in order to see the whole page at a certain width.  Even when my page is completely mazimized, it's too zoomed in on Github.  I'm not having this issue with other pages online.  I also noticed this about a week ago.  


What can we do about this?  Any help is appreciated.