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GitHub Pages Not Deploying

Solved! Go to Solution.

I pushed some changes to my site around 2 hours ago. The changes have appeared in my repo but have not appeared on the actual website.


As a test, I've since tried adding a sentence to the very bottom of the about page of another website I have hosted on GitHub pages and again the change appears in my repo but does not appear on the website.


I've tried CTRL+SHIFT+R to refresh, incognito mode, different browsers and different machines but no joy.


Both sites are being built from the master-branch (and always have been) and in fact neither has any other branches so I know it is not that.


Any other ideas what could be wrong?

Crìstean MacMhìcheil | Chris Mitchell
@MacMhicheil | @GeidhUK
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Re: GitHub Pages Not Deploying

I seem to be having a similar issue. It throws a 404 error when accessing


My github experience is limited, but it was working a few hours ago. However, whatever I'm trying to do now does not seem to affect the outcome.


Few things I have tried:

  • Added a blank space to index.html
  • changed the name of the repo
  • waited for an hour
  • Redeployed


Also, the environment page does not show a recent deployment. I would expect, if I publish a page, then there would be a recent deployment.



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Re: GitHub Pages Not Deploying

Same here. I found no page build in activity log under `environment`. It seems like a server issue, cause the Github Page has a `degraded performance` now. Current server status at .

A temp workaround:  disable the Github Page and then enable it again in repo `setting`. The page should be forced to rebuild. 


update: don't try disable the Github Page since the new build could last forever. And your page will report 404 during this time!

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Re: GitHub Pages Not Deploying

Thanks, I've just seen the 'degraded performance' message on the Status page. It didn't show anything earlier when I checked but agree this is probably the cause.

Crìstean MacMhìcheil | Chris Mitchell
@MacMhicheil | @GeidhUK
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Re: GitHub Pages Not Deploying

please can you help me my site isnt publishing. I'm getting a 404 not found error. please help.. Thanks

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Re: GitHub Pages Not Deploying

I am having the same issue.

Reached out to support but have not heard back.

Looks like a server issue.

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Re: GitHub Pages Not Deploying

Now that the servers have recovered, I checked to see if my github pages site was built. It wasn't so I had to make a very small change within the guthub source editor and committed straight to master. This restarted the build and now my site has been updated.