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Custom Domain Cannot Be Used



I want to have a custom domain for my resume so I first wanted to test that on a Repository, so I did gh-pages and made the site visible and everything, and then I created a domain name called (name to make the domain work) and then I saw the CNAME file in my Repo, then went ahead and tested it out:


I searched up on this forum, and everyone said they solved it by some numbers and something like A and stuff, but I'm not sure what that means, or how to get that.


I tried searching on StackOverflow, and then there was a solution, but Step 3 I was wondering what that's about. I have to create a file called A? Could someone please help with this, I'm really puzzled.



Test Repo

StackOverflow Answer


Thank you!



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Re: Custom Domain Cannot Be Used

Hi @CookiBytes,


Thanks for being here! I don't see the CNAME on your linked repo, have you followed the steps found on our help pages:

I hope this helps,

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Re: Custom Domain Cannot Be Used

Hi@AndreaGriffiths11  , thanks for replying! When I posted this question, I remember there was a CNAME file. I checked in on my test repo just now, and it said:


Domain's DNS record could not be retrieved. For more information, see