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Clarification using both www subdomains and custom subdomains

Solved! Go to Solution.

This section of the docs states "We strongly recommend that you use a www subdomain" and then goes on to say that "A custom subdomain is a type of subdomain that doesn't use the standard www subdomain part"


What if I wanted to do both? use a custom subdomain and www at the same time. For example:


Would I still get the 3 mentioned benefits of using "www" (CDN, DOS protection, etc.) while also being able to use the "blog" subdomain?

From my limited DNS experience, I don't see how "" would be any different than "", but I don't know what is happening on the github pages side of things and the documentation isn't 100% clear.


Any clarification will be greatly appreciated!



Edit: Also, for the CNAME file in the github repo is it suggested to put "" or ""? Are both equivalent? (assuming you have www CNAME setup on your DNS provider too).

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Re: Clarification using both www subdomains and custom subdomains

To my understanding, for the purposes of the documentation, everything before `` can be considered the "subdomain". Because of this, `` does not equal `www` and would not get all or possibly any of the mentioned benefits.


As for what to put in the `CNAME` file in the repository, you would put the fully-qualified domain name that you wished to use in the file. So if you choose to use ``, then you would put `` in your `CNAME` file.


I hope that helps!