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Can't see my github page on Google

Solved! Go to Solution.
I've posted this in "how to .." but got no response, if you can help I'd appreciate it

I can't find my GitHub repository on Google, I tried to solve this issue and there was a suggestion I should enable GitHub Pages, which I've did but still can't find the page on Google by using site:mypage

Google was asking me to verify the domin which a thing I couldn't make


I just want my repository to be accessible by Google 

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Re: Can't see my github page on Google

Hi @AbdelrahmanSherifHadeya,


Welcome to the Github Community Forum!


I check your profile and I didn't see a repository with github page setup. Did you follow the guides? You can find here: getting started with github pages. Or you can follow the github learning lab tutorial here: github learning github-pages.


Hope this help




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Re: Can't see my github page on Google

thanks a lot for trying to help me

but I already have one or I think I do under this url

this is the repository itself

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Re: Can't see my github page on Google

My assumption is, that you have to set tags, description, etc. for Google to recognize it as a site.

I'm not an expert but from my understanding does Google use the tags a Site provides, to match it with the search query of someone, to not display wrong/inappropriate sites.

Again: Not an expert. It's just what I believe is happening.

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Re: Can't see my github page on Google

when I use site:(my github page) on google, I can't find it