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Can't get domain to work

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Hello I read the article and I created four A records. As the host, I put @ and on the other box I put the IP. The 4 IP addresses. After that I added a cname record that goes from my domain to my Github page. After in Github settings it showed the green tick and said it is published But after some time it just says Domain does not resolve to the GitHub Pages server.  Have I done something wrong?


Edit[2]: When I loaded the page from another machine it worked fine but on my main PC it only opens the page where it says "Domain Parked with..." It does not load the page on my main pc.

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Re: Can't get domain to work

Hi, @StreetyYEET!


I've checked your domain's DNS records, and confirmed that they're configured perfectly. Nice work!


As for the trouble you're experiencing, this is typically due to caching. If you're still seeing your domain provider's default parking page, could you please try clearing your browser's cache?


It's also worth noting that DNS changes can take up to 24-48 hours to fully propagate, which can result in inconsistent routing during that period. Simply allowing 48 hours to pass (and clearing your cache again for good measure) typically resolves such trouble.


I hope that helps!