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404 page on my first git hub page

I just KNOW that this is some stupid error I am not seeing but I am at a loss. I have followed every single tutorial I have come across but can't seem to get anything other than a 404 page to show (cleared cache, checked spelling, master branch set, waited...still nothing). I feel it's got something to do with how I've named the repository but can't seem to crack it.


Help, please :)

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Re: 404 page on my first git hub page

If you're using a GitHub Free plan, make sure that your project repository is set to public, as the free plan only supports public repositories for GitHub Pages. However, if you use GitHub Pro, GitHub Team, GitHub Enterprise Cloud, or GitHub Enterprise Server, you should be able to host any public or private repository through GitHub Pages.


Hope this helps!


Gavin R. Isgar - Freelance Software Developer