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Re: why the github page doesn't show my post

Hi @yeyypp  and many others!


Thank you for taking the time to inform us of the `_posts` issue occurring in this course. We have been looking into it and have pushed up a change that now allows the posts to be displayed on the homepage. We were using a jekyll theme that didn't handle posts as instructed in the course steps, and for this we apologize for the inconvenience. 


For the fix, we made a change to the instructed theme but are currently evaluating several other themes and slight modifications to the course steps/logic to improve the end-of-course deliverable. 


From here, there are several options you can take to remedy your existing repository.

  • You can change the theme in your `_config.yml` file to read `theme: minima` and that will update your GitHub Pages site with a theme that will display your posts.
  • You can keep the existing theme and add some liquid formatting to your `index.html` file that will display your posts, as @williamdewitt suggested. 
  • You can re-join the course with the updated theme and instructions. 


Thank you for your patience - hopefully this helps. Let us know if there are any remaining issues.