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Stuck? Maybe you need to update permissions. Here's how!

Are you stuck, and you don't know why? It could have to do with the steps, but it could also have to do with updates to Learning Lab. 


Sometimes, GitHub makes updates that add more opportunities for apps like Learning Lab. If Learning Lab wants to use those (things like webhooks and permissions), then Learning Lab explicitly needs your permission as a user.


You might get stuck and not know why! This is typically because the app is missing a permission it needs. You should have received an email saying Learning Lab was requesting additional permissions but I know those can be easy to miss. You can fix this by:


1. Going to

2. Click *Configure*

3. Select the account from the list

4. Scroll down to the Permissions and Repository Access section and look for a notification that permissions need to be accepted.


Once you've done this, you should be able to disable and then re-enable pages to move forward in the course. If you're still having troubles after doing this, let us know in another post. 

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Re: Stuck? Maybe you need to update permissions. Here's how!

I got stuck in the below screen, waited around 2 hrs noting happened.

Course issue.PNG
Previously I selected to install only on needed(for the respective course) repos, But later I tried installing in all repos.

Then tried, leave the course & restart, But still stuck on the same screen.


Advise me, What am I missing?

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Re: Stuck? Maybe you need to update permissions. Here's how!

Hi @aravinth-mfap. I'm sorry this is happening! On our end, it looks as if the registration was successful, but I want to do a few things to be sure.


Could you please clear your cache and refresh the page? If it is still stuck there, please try to delete your repository, then leave the course once more and re-register. If you are still experiencing problems, let us know, and we will make sure to find the answer for you. 

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Re: Stuck? Maybe you need to update permissions. Here's how!

Hi @brianamarie 


After reporting the issue, I checked my browser & extensions configurations and find that the tracker was also blocked. So I unblocked that.

Then I tried the steps you suggested as well in parallel.

Not sure which helped, but my issue was resolved.


Thank you for your reply.