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Re: Problem with GitHub Pages - theme

I would like to add a theme to my github pages, but upon selecting a theme i am getting an error message , "Requests to the server have been blocked by an extension." Hence i cannot proceed further. I have disabled the extensions on my browser(chrome) and it hasn't worked. I also tried another browser (Microsoft edge) and the results are almost the same.


Please any suggestions on how i can solve this?

Thank you.



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Re: Problem with GitHub Pages - theme

Hey there @ChamuMutezva

Thank you for reaching out to us. The error mentioned could be triggered from various different configurations which is not only related to GitHub Pages. To help us dive into the specifics, have you tried any of the following configurations mentioned?


For troubleshooting GH pages builds:


For correct configuration of GH Pages themes:


Let us know how this goes. Good Luck! :)

Ground Controller Lvl 1
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Re: Problem with GitHub Pages - theme

I've managed to solve this issue by unticking the tag "Require pull request reviews before merging" in settings --> branches --> Branch protection rules --> master --> edit

so that github could change the .yml file (theme file) without submitting a pull request.