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Can't start Managing Merge Conflicts class

I've joined the Managing Megre Conflicts class, but all it creates is an empty repo. I've already installed git learning lab app in the repo.  But when I click the name for the class I indicates:

Your repository is being setup...

You may need to install the GitHub Learning Lab app on your repository!

I've tried several times uninstalling the learning lab app on the repo and resinstalling.  In the past when it get stuck like this on other courses, I've simply left the course, opted to delete the repo and started the setup again by rejoining the course.  However, I've dont this several times and it does not work.  Is there a problem with the learning lab repo?


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Re: Can't start Managing Merge Conflicts class

Apologies that this is happening, @jlangevin. I have a couple of suggestions that might help you solve the problem, or at the very least give us some info about why it’s happening so we can fix it. If you’re able, could you please:


1. Find GitHub Learning Lab in your Installed GitHub Apps, click Configure, and click the Uninstall button that will uninstall it from all your repos (your work will still remain).

2. Find GitHub Learning Lab in your Authorized GitHub Apps, click Revoke, and confirm. This will revoke the authorization.

3. Access and go through reauthorizing and installing the app on one of the courses.


If you encounter trouble along the way, or this doesn’t work, please take some screenshots or a screen capture of your attempt so we can look further. Thanks ❤️

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Re: Can't start Managing Merge Conflicts class

Nuking it from orbit did work.  Thanks for the help.


However, this time setting things up, it required me to install the app into all personal repos.  All the other classes I've done created the repo and then allowed me to install the Github Learning Lab app in just that repo.  Why the change?  I don't think it's accepable to require all repos that have nothing to do with these classes to have that app installed.  I removed the ap from all repos once it was sucessfully created and then re-installed it in just the repos that should have it.  But I shouldn't have to do that every time I was to start a new course.