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GitHub Learning Lab Explorer Challenge

Enter the contest
From May 23rd to June 26th, you can be recognized for increasing your knowledge with GitHub Learning Lab.

If you’ve already been taking GitHub Learning Lab courses and have reached the minimum three to participate, you can make your submission right now!

Those who complete the challenge (and adhere to the rules and guidelines) by 11:59PM PT on June 26th will receive a limited edition badge on their Community Forum profile in recognition of their achievement and dedication to learning with GitHub. This badge is only available one time through this challenge.

Get recognized for leveling up your skills with GitHub Learning Lab. Join the challenge today!

Follow these guidelines to participate in the GitHub Learning Lab Explorer Challenge:

  1. Go to and take at least three courses
  2. Once you've completed at least three Learning Lab courses, navigate to the challenge entry page.
  3. Select "Enter the contest".
  4. Fill in an Entry Title.
  5. In the Body of your entry:
    • List the three (or more) Learning Lab courses you took.
    • Then, in 3-5 sentences, share with us the most valuable thing you learned while going through the courses OR one thing you created as a result of taking a course on GitHub Learning Lab.
  6. Click "Post"


  • Once you submit an entry, you cannot edit it.
  • One entry allowed per person.
  • All submissions will be verified against our records. Don't submit an entry if you have not completed the required number of GitHub Learning Lab courses; you will be disqualified.
  • Only submissions completed in full will qualify. Be sure to include the list of courses you took, as well as a description of the most valuable thing you learned. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
  • All those who complete the challenge by 11:59PM PT on June 26th, 2018 will receive a challenge badge on their Community Forum profile.
  • Badges will be rewarded within one to two weeks after the challenge end date.

If you have questions about GitHub Learning Lab or the GitHub Learning Lab Explorer Challenge, please see our GitHub Learning Lab forum board.