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on: check_suite never gets called

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It seems that `on: check_suite` is currently never being triggered. I have a workflow ( ) that is never actually getting called by this event, even after all CI checks are completed. Or is there something that needs to be changed to enable this?

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Re: on: check_suite never gets called



Many thanks for your feedback!  


Events raised from the Actions app do not trigger workflows.  This restriction is currently in place in order to prevent a circular workflow execution.  


Here is a similar ticket with more details, please kindly check, thanks.

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Re: on: check_suite never gets called

In this case I'm not creating the original check_run or check_suite with github actions, that should be coming from TravisCI.

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Re: on: check_suite never gets called

Sorry for late response @dpryan79 !

Only GitHub Apps can create check suites and check runs. Travis CI created commit status but did not create any check runs for your commits. Eg:

Commit: dpryan79/libBigWig@4eb1d15

Commit status:

No check run : curl -v -H "Accept: application/vnd.github.antiope-preview+json"


Hence Travis CI will no trigger any check suite/check run.

As an alternative, you can use ‘commit status event’ instead.


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Re: on: check_suite never gets called

Ahh, that explains things, thanks!