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macOS SDKs missing since upgrade to 10.15

Since yesterday when the macOS VMs have been upgraded to 10.15 the macOS SDKs are missing but still present in the docs:

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Re: macOS SDKs missing since upgrade to 10.15

I'm also having issues with this -- I want to be able to target macOS 10.13 as the minimum version for builds, which is a problem when the SDK is nowhere to be found.


Some more detail of what I've tried in my quest to locate the missing SDKs. I've tried using xcode-select on the other XCode versions installed (11.0, 11.1) and `xcodebuild -showsdks` to see if they show something other than just 10.15. I also looked for a /Developer folder to see if there were SDKs there, but the folder doesn't exist.

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Re: macOS SDKs missing since upgrade to 10.15

Thanks for your feedback. This is an issue with the documentation. The SDKs were removed along with Xcode 9.* and Xcode 10.*, please refer to the changelog here for details. We will update the documenation to avoid the confusion.