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Welcome to the GitHub Actions board

This board is for the discussion of GitHub Actions, now with support for Continuous Integration and Deployment. Discussion of how they work and any questions or feedback you have about the feature are welcome here. Share your tips, tricks, and interesting actions or workflows.


GitHub Actions is currently in limited beta


What does this mean?


Since GitHub Actions is currently in beta, this means that things might change without warning, documentation may be incorrect and need updating, and things might unexpectedly break. We do not recommend building production-level services on GitHub Actions until this feature is out of beta.


If you do notice that something is broken or that some documentation is incorrect, please let us know. We will not be able to give you an estimation on when these things will be fixed, but we will add this information to our queue to be addressed.


How can I get into the beta?


To gain access to the GitHub Actions beta, please sign up for the waitlist. As this feature is much anticipated, the waitlist is rather long and it might take some time before you are approved. Posting in this forum will not allow you quicker access into the beta.


Additional Resources


In addition to the information you find in the forum, here are some links to documentation and other resources we think you might find helpful: