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Visual Studio 16.4 vs 16.5

Solved! Go to Solution.

The current Windows VMs appear to have VS 16.4 installed; unfortunately, this version is known to be incompatible with LLVM; attempting to build LLVM with it fails with `Host Visual Studio version 16.4 is known to miscompile part of LLVM, please use clang-cl or upgrade to 16.5 or above (use -DLLVM_TEMPORARILY_ALLOW_OLD_TOOLCHAIN=ON to ignore)`.


While the workaround above is obvious, it's also a problem (the error is there for a reason). Is there a plan/timetable to upgrade the VMs to VS 16.5?


(For more info, see:

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Re: Visual Studio 16.4 vs 16.5

Hi steven-johnson, 

I checked visual studio 16.5, it is still in preview version. 

When a stable version of VS16.5 published, the Hosted runner on windows vm will update to use it . But I am not sure the timetable for it. As a temporary work around , you could consider using self-hosted runner with suitable VS version .