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Update documentation on Github Actions page

There are some information which are not valid for time being therefore it would be nice to have updated documentation. I have tried to use paths-ignore keyword, yet it did not work and also Github did not make auto suggestion for that keyword. I thought that documentation  is outdated hence I wanted to open the situation here.


Here is the link where documentation explains how to ignore changes on given part in order to do not trigger CI.



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Re: Update documentation on Github Actions page

Hi mrturkmen06,


I tested the paths-ignore syntax, and it can work as expectation, when the changed file name match the pattern in paths-ignore, the workflow will not be triggered.
Can you share the YAML file of your workflow that has set the paths-ignore syntax, so that we can analyze the root cause?
In addition, there are several suggestions and notes as reference:
1) You only can use one of paths and paths-ignore for a single event.


2) If you want set some paths filters that can include some paths and exclude some paths for a single event, you can use the ! character in paths syntax.


3) A matching negative pattern (prefixed with !) after a positive match will exclude the path, and a matching positive pattern after a negative match will include the path again.