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Stalled Github Action - how can I troubleshoot?

We have used Github Actions the past 3-4 months.


We have a workflow with a docker multi-stage build action that has stalled (17 hours now). It has been able to build previously. When testing the commands used in the action locally they work fine.


Since it has not succeeded/failed I cannot access the log of the action. 


I have tried clicking the "Cancel workflow" button, but it does not seem to do stop the action.


So I have a couple of questions:


  1. How can I force stop the action/workflow?
  2. Is there any way I can get the logs that might be available for that action so I can figure out why it stalls - it is difficult to debug without any knowledge about where in the process the action stopped?
  3. Is there a way I can trigger an action in a workflow to re-run which would be handy when debugging a problem like this?




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Re: Stalled Github Action - how can I troubleshoot?

Glad to hear that GitHub Actions has been useful for you.


  1. There isn't a method to force stop an action. However, if you go to the Actions view by clicking your repository's Actions tab and select the running workflow in the list, you should be able to click the "Cancel workflow" button in the upper right.
  2. I don't know of a method to get the logs of a stalled action
  3. No, there isn't a method to trigger an action within a workflow to re-run


I'll pass along your feedback to the developers, however. Let us know if you have more questions.