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Retrieve permissions as a GitHub App Installation

I want to find out if I have write access to a repository. Using a personal access token, that is simple enough, by reading out the scopes from the `X-OAuth-Scopes` response header or by reading the `permissions` key from the response of `GET /repos/:owner/:repo`.


But there is no such thing for GitHub installation tokens, is it?


My current problem is that I want to run [semantic-release]( in GitHub Actions, and it verifies the authentication by sending the `GET /repos/:owner/:repo` request. But the `GITHUB_TOKEN` provided to GitHub Actions is in fact an installation token so this verification step fails.

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Re: Retrieve permissions as a GitHub App Installation

Hi @gr2m,


Thanks for being here! You could try to fetch a list of repositories that the installation has access to:

The response is a JSON array, where each element is a repository including the `permissions` hash that you’re looking for. I hope this helps!


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