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Questions Regarding `exclude` parameters

Hello - 


I'm trying to use Github Actions to test a python module across a variety of python versions/pandas versions/numpy versions. Particular combinations have known issues installing so I'm trying to use the exclude syntax to not run those:


        os: [ubuntu-latest, windows-latest, macos-latest]
        numpy: [1.11.3, 1.17.4]
        pandas: [0.18.1, 0.25.3]
        python-version: [2.7, 3.5, 3.7, 3.8]
          - python-version: 2.7
            pandas: 0.25.3
            numpy: 1.17.4
          - python-version: 3.7
            pandas: 0.18.1
            numpy: 1.11.3
          - python-version: 3.8
            pandas: 0.18.1
            numpy: 1.11.3
However when I look at the builds being generated, I still see combinations like python 2.7/pandas 0.18.1/numpy 1.17.4 being generated. What's the right syntax to exclude all combinations of certain libraries for being run? Or is the matrix the wrong way to specify this?
For reference:


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Re: Questions Regarding `exclude` parameters

According to your matrix setting, you have 4 matrixs: os, numpy, pandas and python-version.

This will create 48 jobs (3 os × 2 numpy × 2 pandas × 4 python-version ) . And you exclude three combinations of numpy, pandas and python-version. This will exclude 9 (3 × 3 os) jobs which match this condition.

So your settings will create a total of 39 jobs. It doesn’t exclude python 2.7/pandas 0.18.1/numpy 1.17.4

There is the document for excluding configurations from a matrix

What’s your exact requirement? Which particular combinations do you want exclude? Or you could change your view on include ?  


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Re: Questions Regarding `exclude` parameters

Semantically, what' I'd like to do is something like:


For all os values:

- if the build is python 2.7 or 3.5 only use numpy == 1.11.3 and pandas == 0.18.1

- Otherwise (python 3.6/3.7/3.8) use numpy == 1.17.4 and pandas == 0.25.3 (or perhaps some other array of values). 


Is the right way to do this to be more specific in my exclude? Or only pass in versions in include?





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Re: Questions Regarding `exclude` parameters

In your scenario, I recommend you use include, set numpy and pandas as additional configuration options .

And I checked your workflow yml, this is exactly what I recommend.

matrix include.png