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[Packages] Docker push fails after successful login

Hey, could find another fitting topic to answer my issue.

After a successful login to github with my docker client I'm unable to push any image to an existing repo:


docker tag IMAGE:VERSION 
[root@ubuntu ~ ]$ docker push 
The push refers to repository []
2477f709b7c9: Retrying in 3 seconds
778f7490898c: Retrying in 3 seconds
c63aaed27bbc: Retrying in 3 seconds
ee194b8cfc72: Retrying in 3 seconds
ef85801a5a74: Retrying in 3 seconds
7a8391639b77: Waiting
e2d382682dae: Waiting
431e5a6f279f: Waiting
ba09c1ac9148: Waiting
9acfe225486b: Waiting
90109bbe5b76: Waiting
cb81b9d8a6c9: Waiting
ea69392465ad: Waiting

 Of course I replaced USERNAME/REPO/IMAGE with real working data.
The retry phase is in a loop.
Docker daemon logs indicate "connection reset by peer".

Any ideas?

Working on Ubuntu 18.04, Docker 19.03.4

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Re: [Packages] Docker push fails after successful login

Hi @nimrodgans ,


Did you try using a GitHub Actions workflow to push your image?
Below is an example to build, tag and push Docker image to GitHub Package Registry.


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Re: [Packages] Docker push fails after successful login

Same here, docker push fails with a 3.795GB layer that keeps on retrying for while, regardless if done from my system or the github actions runtime. Eventually the action fails with a 502 Bad Gateway.