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Make Action only run one at a time?

Is it possible to have the CI run a specific workflow only one at a time? I have a scenario where we have a CI pipeline that runs integration tests, however if we have multiple integration tests running at the same time, the side effects can be a bit wonky. So i was wondering if it was possible to limit a workflow to a queue and have them run sequentially.

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Re: Make Action only run one at a time?

Hi @FahdW ,


Currently it's not supported to limit workflows and have them run sequentially, this is a feature which Github is working on, but i don't have timeline to share yet. You can raise a feature_request ticket here where github product manager will take a review, and it will raise its priority.


Meanwhile, you can add a prior step to check if there're any 'not completed' workflows with rest api here.

I checked with workflow file name and status in progress&queued, parse the total_count, if it is not zero, cancel the next jobs.