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Job runs indefinitely

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I am implementing a github action instrumentation proof of concept for an android project and sometimes my jobs don't complete, see here.

CoverageReport is the job and the afflicted versions in the build matrix are 27/28/29 but I think this is just an artifact of the ordering. I can not view the logs for the - I assume - failing step and have no way to diagnose this. A usually 10min step is at 30+ so something must have gone quite wrong.

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Re: Job runs indefinitely

Do you still meet this issue now? Based on the error message on annotations of coverageReport(27), The runner: GitHub Actions 9 lost communication with the server. Verify the machine is running and has a healthy network connection.

Was your network not stable during the execution of this workflow run?  If GitHub Actions lost communication with the server, the server could not post back logs to the console.  


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Re: Job runs indefinitely

I think it might have been an update to a github action, I was using v2, specifying v2.0.0 worked