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How to use private Docker registry?

Solved! Go to Solution.

I found multiple issues about this topic but they're old and kinda not exploring the point that I want.

It's easy to work around the limitation of the login of a private Docker registry inside a job. But how to run the actual job inside the Docker? That's the question.


I want to use jobs.<job_id>.container and jobs.<job_id>.services with private Docker images.

There is any way to make it work? Or maybe any kind of workaround? if not, there is any roadmap or indication that this feature gonna be developed?


On GitLab CI this is solved using before_script:




This would be an amazing feature for GitHub Actions.

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Re: How to use private Docker registry?

When using the syntaxes jobs.<job_id>.container.image or jobs.<job_id>.services.image to set a Docker image as a container (or service container) for a job, the Docker image can be the Docker base image name or a public docker Hub or registry. You can't use the image from a private Docker registry.

If you reallly need this feature, I recommend you directly share your suggestions here. That will allow you to directly interact with the appropriate engineering team, and make it more convenient for the engineering team to collect and categorize your suggestions.

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Re: How to use private Docker registry?

FWIW, I've had success with the workaround to use an internal repo action, as mentioned in, where I first login to AWS ECR, pull the private image, then use the local action to effectively "docker run" with the private image.