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How to trigger GitHub Actions on retag

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Recently I faced a problem I put a tag on a wrong commit & release flow failed.


I decided to retag with `git tag -f v1.2.3 & git push -f --tags` but nothing happens


After this I decided to delete tags both locally & remotely and push it again:

 - `git tag -d v1.2.3`

 - `git push --delete origin v1.2.3`

 - `git tag v1.2.3`


But again nothing happens


How can I trigger a workflow for the same tag again?

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Re: How to trigger GitHub Actions on retag

Checked on my side, after i delete the tag and retag, the workflow can be triggered successfully. After you delete the tag locally and remotely, please check on github webpage({org}/{repo}/tags) to confirm it's deleted. And after you recreate the tag locally, please also push it to remote to trigger the workflow. git tag v1.2.3 git push origin --tags
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Re: How to trigger GitHub Actions on retag

It was my mistake I did `git tag -f ...` instead `git tag -d ...`


Thanks for help