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How do I run commands concurrently?

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I have a project uses interprocess-communication using RabbitMQ.

I want to run rabbitmq in one shell and consumer and publisher in separate instances.

For example:

1. rabbitmq-server

2. While that rabbitmq-server is running, I want to run a python service `python3` in another separate shell

3. In another instance I want to be able to run another service `python3` and `python3`


Sorry I'm new to creating pipelines and workflows.

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Re: How do I run commands concurrently?

It sounds like you might want to run the server in the background?  The `&` symbol at the end of a command in bash will run the command in the background.  For example, to run rabbitmq-server in the background, and the receiver _also_ in the background, and then run (blocking) on the sender:


- run: |

    rabbitmq-server &

    python3 &