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Github Actions pricing

Lets assume following scenario: I have Github Actions workflow in my private repository which runs two parallel jobs, each of them takes 5 minute to complete, so workflow itself finishes in 5 minutes.

Do I pay for 5 minutes (that's how long my workflow was running)? Or do I pay for 10 minutes (that's sum of my parallel jobs execution time)?

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GitHub Staff
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Re: Github Actions pricing

You would pay for 10 minutes because you used 10 minutes of machine time.  The pricing is different by OS so you would also need to take that into account.

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Re: Github Actions pricing

How are the minutes calculated? The pricing details at the bottom of are missing some detail. If my job runs for 1 second, does it get billed as 1 minute?

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Re: Github Actions pricing

Either they start at minutes, or you would be calculated 1/60 minute