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Re: Github Actions Docker login

This is a known issue that we're working to resolve.  GITHUB_TOKEN works for publishing most types of packages (eg, npm) but not yet for all.  This will work for all types of packages - including Docker - by the time GitHub Actions and GitHub Package Registry is out of beta.

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Re: Github Actions Docker login

According to today's announcement, GitHub package registry will leave beta on 13 November. Does that mean this issue has been (or is close to being) resolved?
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Re: Github Actions Docker login

I've had success with the following step:


    - name: Push
      run: |
        docker login --username RepoOwner --password "${GITHUB_PACKAGE_REGISTRY_TOKEN}"
        docker push


Note: The Docker image name is lowercase. The username for docker login may contain uppercase letters. Make sure to convert them to lowercase when building the image tag string. "RepoOwner" -> "repoowner". Same goes for the repository name.


Here's a full example:

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Re: Github Actions Docker login repo is now a 404. Anyone know why?

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Re: Github Actions Docker login

It has been deprecated for some time and they finally removed it.  Docker cli commands can be run directly from all the base images now so it wasn't needed anymore.