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Re: Github Action Build Caching



I know "+1"'s are annoying, but so are "solutions" for questions that are "solved" when they really aren't. :P

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Re: Github Action Build Caching

The way actions building works during a workflow run for actions taken from the Github Actions Marketplace seems completely bizarre to me. I mean, when you add a step that uses a marketplace action (at a specific version), the workflow automatically adds an initial step on execution to build that action, from scratch, re-running the Docker compile step every time I build. The vast majority of time spent in my workflows is for building actions from the Marketplace. To me this is completely unexpected behavior and wastes a ton of time. The whole point of the Marketplace is to allow people to reuse actions, so why do we have to build those actions from scratch every single time, with no caching?

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Re: Github Action Build Caching

How to use cahing on Ruby Gems?

It always install all gems ...

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Re: Github Action Build Caching

For solve to this probelm, this action is proper to solve this problem. It cache the layers on registry.