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GitHub Actions does not respect [skip ci]

Hi Github,


adding to the list of missing features/docs outlined in, I want to add that "[skip ci]", which is respected by most CI solutions out there, is straight up ignored by GitHub.


So someone at github, please add this feature!

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Re: GitHub Actions does not respect [skip ci]

In the meantime I am using this: 


if: "! contains(toJSON(github.event.commits.*.msg), '[skip-ci]')"


Though I haven't tested it yet. I am assuming it will work based on the documentation alone. 

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Re: GitHub Actions does not respect [skip ci]

Please add "[skip CI]" etc. to GitHub Actions.


Sometimes, for trivial commits, we don't want to set off a load of build runners. 


I'm only using the GitHub Actions for open source where it's free, but I would be annoyed to be required to use so many up.


Actually, I did recently create a private repo for testing security fixes for a projects, and it used up about 300 minutes per build (Linux and Mac, had to disable Windows as too expensive), and quickly burnt through the 2,000 minutes quota in just a few builds.


One project uses GitHub Actions, Travis CI and Appveyor. It looks quite silly when we use "[CI skip]" and Travis and Appveyor respect it, but there are 33 GitHub jobs!


Further, it's bad for the environment to wastefully use server time.


Many other CIs let us skip builds:


Travis CI


The command should be one of the following forms:

[<KEYWORD> skip]


[skip <KEYWORD>]

where <KEYWORD> is either ci, travis, travis ci, travis-ci, or travisci.




Add [skip ci] or [ci skip] to commit message title and build won’t be triggered by AppVeyor for that commit. Or explicitly skip AppVeyor only with [skip appveyor] and still allow any other CI to build the commit (eg. Travis CI).




By default, CircleCI automatically builds a project whenever you push changes to a version control system (VCS). You can override this behavior by adding a [ci skip] or [skip ci] tag anywhere in a commit’s title or description. 




If your commit message contains [ci skip] or [skip ci], using any capitalization, the commit will be created but the pipeline will be skipped.


Semaphore CI


If you'd like your commit, or a series of commits that you're pushing, to not trigger a build, just write [ci skip] or [skip ci] somewhere in your commit's message.


Bitbucket Pipelines


If you don't want to run a pipeline on a commit that would normally trigger one, you can include [skip ci] or [ci skip] anywhere in your commit message of the HEAD commit. Any commits that include [skip ci] or [ci skip] in the message are ignored by Pipelines.


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Re: GitHub Actions does not respect [skip ci]

We would definitely use this. Especially if the action updates the code and pushes it, this is critical to avoid infinite loops