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Get changes from all commits pushed

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Hi, thanks for reading.


I was wondering how i can identify the files that have been updated, i know how get this data for the last commit


git log -m -1 --name-only --pretty="format:" ${{ github.sha }}

) but what about if i push 3 commit.

I want to get the filename of all commits pushed on this workflow.



Here I need to get the modified files of test01, test02 and test03. It is the same push but in different commit




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Re: Get changes from all commits pushed

Hey, I think your best bet is to do the following:


I do not think Git looks at the changes in files the same way you are trying to, meaning that you can't compare across pushes and need to compare across commits. 

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Re: Get changes from all commits pushed

Thanks for your reply @logankilpatrick



After battling I have found a useful solution.


      - uses: actions/checkout@v2
          fetch-depth: 0


git diff --name-only ${{ github.event.before }} ${{ github.sha }}