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Failed to cancel check suite.

I have multiple jobs now that I can't cancel. Now when I "push" the Actions are not fired. 

Is it possible set a timeout on the container or manually stop the container?

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Re: Failed to cancel check suite.

I'm seeing this as well - when using `mxschmitt/action-tmate` in an action, a pause results in the whole workflow coming to a halt and becoming unkillable.


Same thing happens with long running build steps. In one, I have an 8 minute build which after completion the entire job hangs.


Hitting cancel on those fails every time.

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Re: Failed to cancel check suite.

I'm seeing as well

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Re: Failed to cancel check suite.

We're having the same issue.


The oldest job has been running since Wednesday and failed with:


- There was an unexpected error when executing this Action. For help debugging what went wrong, please contact The unique ID for this error is 890D:3CAB:AED3:1E6C3:5D8BC16D


We've contacted support as directed, but still haven't received a response.

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Re: Failed to cancel check suite.

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Re: Failed to cancel check suite.

I'm having a similar issue with this test run:



After about 2 hours, I tried again and was able to successfully cancel the check.

The output shows that the operation completed successfully, but no concecutive tests were run. I hadn't seen this happen before this run, and I haven't seen it since, with no changes to the step or anything before it (I've been working on a build step that occurs after the step that got stuck).

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Re: Failed to cancel check suite.

I have a similar problem although in my case the workflow is 8 days old. Presumed it would be cancel eventually but no: Checking it now it is still "running". Before I didn't get an error message though but just a message informing me that I requested a cancellation (by then it has already actually completed, just not registered as completed). But I see now that the interface has changed so this is maybe part of the improvement.


Anyway: It would be nice if one could get a more informative error message then "Failed to cancel check suite." somehow but that is all I get. If anyone has any information on how to do this please post it.

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Re: Failed to cancel check suite.

I'm also experiencing this issue on a private repository. I have a number of 'stuck' checks for outdated commits on a PR that show their state as running (yellow dot with concentric circle around), but the individual steps show as having all completed/failed.

Trying to cancel this check using the 'Cancel check suite' button yields the 'Failed to cancel check suite' error.

The checks have been in this state for over 2 hours now with no sign of a built-in timeout.


Naturally, I'm also concerned with the number of build minutes I'm using up here; this repository belongs to my client. While Actions are free for now, in the future this could quickly become expensive.

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Re: Failed to cancel check suite.

I believe I am getting the same thing here.  The failure messages I see are due to the failed run (due to another issue I am encountering).  There is no failure message specifically for the cancelation and the check suite simply fails to cancel.


This is what I am seeing: