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Re: Fail golang tests

Hi Smolevich,

Could you share the complete debug logs of the jobs and steps in your workflow, so that we can analyze the root cause?
To get the debug logs, you need to add two Secrets (ACTIONS_RUNNER_DEBUG and ACTIONS_STEP_DEBUG), and set their value to be true.


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Re: Fail golang tests

Yes, i try it 

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Re: Fail golang tests

@Smolevich Thanks for your reply. It seems that the logs you shared does not include the debug logs. After you add the two Secrets (ACTIONS_RUNNER_DEBUG and ACTIONS_STEP_DEBUG), you need to re-run the workflow and get the debug logs from the new run.

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Re: Fail golang tests

After add new secrets i pushed new commit and link on new full archive log

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Re: Fail golang tests

but i don't find lines such as

##[debug]Evaluating condition for step: 'Run golang tests'
##[debug]Parsing expression: <success()>

in logs

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Re: Fail golang tests

@BrightRan , i delete secrets and add againg , pushed new commits and debug info was founded in logs

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Re: Fail golang tests

Hey @Smolevich 


I see the following error in your logs:


flag provided but not defined: -coverprofilevers




In your YAML for the headers step you have 


 Based on the travis file and the other tests, I believe it should just be 



Reference from travis file: