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Early successful termination of job

I have a schedule trigger, and when it runs I want to check if I really need to do the whole job, or if I can terminate it early, with a success status.


I plan to do this by using the GITHUB_SHA to check an external service if I already have the result I need.

If I do (no change happened since the previous day execution) I want to terminate the job, but not as a fail.

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Re: Early successful termination of job

I would also like this (as a way to simulate a `paths` option for jobs -- bail if no paths match)

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Re: Early successful termination of job

I believe you could use one job that calls your external storage, performs the checking and returns either true or false. Then your actual jobs depends on the setup job.


name: My workflows
    - cron:  '*/15 * * * *'
        runs: curl -LSsf

      - myjob
    # ...

When the curl command fails the step fails. Maybe you need to mark the job as failed manually, never tried that before.

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Re: Early successful termination of job

I don't want a failed job, but I used a similar aproach. I created an action which have a boolean output, and the use this output at other steps.