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Actions only work on organizations?

On my own repository under my account, I am getting the error - 

- Workflows can't be executed on this repository. Please check your payment method or billing status.


Does Github Actions only work on organizations?  Is it all organizations or organizations with certain permissions enabled?

Will I be able to enable Github Actions on my repository if I have a PRO subscription?

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Re: Actions only work on organizations?

No, github works on repository as well.  Just need to click ‘Set up Actions’ button and create your first workflow file.

Is your repo private when the error occur? Please check the billing from ‘’ firstly. For private repositories,  you will be billed for any minutes or storage beyond the limits, please refer to the link for more details.

Github Action is free to public repository. I notice your repo is public now, please try to create a workflow file on master branch and check if it works, and then check the pull request workflow from branch ‘github-actions-1’. I forked your repo and it works on my side.

If it still doesn’t work for you, it’s recommended to ask private support from


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Re: Actions only work on organizations?

I think there is something weird going because I am unable to upgrade from a legacy subscription without submitting my payment information. I have contacted Github support. Thanks.