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πŸ™ request for Reaction

Re here:


Can we please get a praying hands / folded hands reaction? πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


It just seems like a respectful way of saying "thank you", or "I appreciate it"


Thumbsup sometimes doesn't fit. Seems too utilitarian and dismissive. But it's often used to express gratitude. I think it possible it falls short.


In some cultures the thumbsup gesture is actually rude. And in "Western anglo" culture, a thumbsup can be rude depending on context.


But the GitHub thumbs up reaction is meant to be a "thanks" or "I agree". I think it works for "I agree", but not great for "thanks". 


I don't think "heart" covers the thanks use-case because not everyone wants to associate a very strong love emotion with a simple and grateful "thanks". 


In short, heart and thumbs up are overloaded and certainly have their places. This is not a suggestion to remove any reaction, just to add one that fits for "Hey, thank you, I really appreciate that."


Could help to make OSS even more good πŸ‘

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Re: πŸ™ request for Reaction

Hey! Awesome to have you here. All feature requests for GitHub and this forum should go directly to GitHub support: