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"Update a file" API

I want to use update-a-file API to update a file from a Pull Request of my own repo. I have used a effective token,and I can edit the head branch of this PR witch forked from my repo,  but I still got an "Not Found". 


PUT /repos/:owner([0].filename)


Authorization: token personal-access-token
  "message": "my commit message",
  "content": "bXkgdXBkYXRlZCBmaWxlIGNvbnRlbnRz",
  "sha": "329688480d39049927147c162b9d2deaf885005f"(pull.files[0].sha)


sure the "maintainer_can_modify" is true; The repository is a public repository and I am the maintainer;and I have write access to the head,because I try to edit it on the web,it work.


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Re: "Update a file" API

If the second code block in your post is the body that you're submitting, it appears that you left out the branch name? If you're attempting to update a PR, I assume that the file that you're wanting to update isn't on the `master` branch?


If I'm incorrect, can you supply a minimal set of steps to reproduce the problem in a public repository so that we can take a closer look?

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Re: "Update a file" API

thanks for your reply,here is my steps:

1. My username is sunui,I have a repo :

2. Sun-Xinlei forked my repo:

3.He update something on his branch patch-1 and send a PR to my repo from  Sun-Xinlei:patch-1

4.I want to edit something on this PR,I can do this on the web by Committing directly to the Sun-Xinlei:patch-1 branch.


I got 404 “not found”