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What is "User authorization callback URL" for?

I've set "User authorization callback URL"  in my "Github App" settings and when a user installed my app, they are not taken to that URL.


- User goes to[my app name]/installations/new

- User select which repos my app has access to, clicks "Install"

- User is then taken to


I expected the user to be taken to the URL I've entered for "User authorization callback URL" not taken to the github installations page.


I tried to set the "Setup URL (optional)" and this gives me the desired behavior.


What is "User authorization callback URL" for?

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Re: What is "User authorization callback URL" for?

Hi @unformatt,


Thanks for being here! Per the docs did you set up a route to specify what the callback should do?

I hope this helps,

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Re: What is "User authorization callback URL" for?

Hi AndreaG,


Yes, my server is ready to accept the callback URL. However, Github is not redirecting the user to the callback URL. It's not a matter of 404 as mentioned in your link. Github is redirecting back to Github, not my site.