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Issues & Projects & Cards - linking

Within a repo I am using issues and projects to manage development (similar to Jira).


The shortcomming I have is I cannot find a list-view where I can sort all (open / closed / filtered by label) issues and sort by project.


Maybe there is a better way for me to achive my goal ?

Am I using the Repo-Project-Issues in way not designed for ?



In the API the element within the issues (response)

"has_projects": true,

Does not provide me enough detailed information.



Alternatively if the projects ( listed all the issues within a project Per Card - I would have the information required.


Ideally the Issue - project link would also be able to report on the card (within the  project) that the issue is associated to.  I realise that the issue-to-project is 1-to-many and so each issue potentially has multiple projects and as a result multiple cards.