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Installation access tokens

Solved! Go to Solution.

I know you need to generate a JWT token for your Github App in order to get an access token for an installation. However, when you do get an installation access token from

, is that token returned an OAuth2 access token or a JWT token?

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Re: Installation access tokens

Hi @lostinpatterns,


Thanks for being here! That is a great question, you'd need to download the key to your local machine. You'll use this key to sign a JSON Web Token (JWT) and encode it using the RS256algorithm. 


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Re: Installation access tokens

Keep getting this message

{"message":"'Issued at' claim ('iat') must be an Integer representing the time that the assertion was issued","documentation_url":""}


I created the time using typescript  new Date().getTime() the numbers are as follows:


"iat": 1553791599468,
"exp": 932274959680800,
"iss": xxxx

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Re: Installation access tokens

Realized my mistake, here is the JS script 


let iat = Math.round( / 1000)
let exp = iat + (9 * 60)
let s = iat + " : " + exp
alert (s)

Take these numbers and paste it in