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Improved context in Pull Requests

Pull Requests are incredibly important but it is hard to properly peer review code using just a snippet of information, you cant see context, you cant see methods that called into the method you are reviewing, this all makes people just accept PR without properly understanding the context of the changes.


I know you can expand to 'see more' but you cant see outside of that area, what about the function impacted by the change, or the function that called the one that has been changed.


Can I suggest, just as a slight improvement, would be to offer a link to view the full source file that contains the change with the diff in place ... as the only way i can do that now, is to go to the code view, find the branch, change branch, find the source file somewhere in the tree, then look and now i have forgotten what the changes were.


I hope you understand the point I am attempting to make :-)