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GraphQL repo issues has no `closedBy` field

While running queries against repository `issues` I cannot find a field for events that includes a `closedBy` attribute (

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Re: GraphQL repo issues has no `closedBy` field

Hey @reka18,


Thanks for being here! The Actor field should show this. Are you able to post a sample of your results? If needed to be private please contact us at and we'll take a look.

Thanks for being here, sharing, and keeping our community awesome!

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Re: GraphQL repo issues has no `closedBy` field

query { 
  viewer { 
    repository(name: "<name-of-repo-here"){
      issues(states: CLOSED, first:10){

When I press the CTRL + SPACE to see available options, I cannot see the actor field.

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Re: GraphQL repo issues has no `closedBy` field

I think what @reka18 meant was that the Issue Object doesn't have a ClosedEvent field which actually has the Actor field with the user details.

The v3 API has a `closed_by` field present.