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Github Package Registry nuget informations not displayed

Hello there, as a freshly accepted beta tester for the github action and Github Package Registry (GPR) features, I encounter some strange results once succefully pushing my nuget package on my repository.

I have a github action which is responsible for:

- running tests

- running coverage

- creating a nuget

- pushing said nuget to github

My plan was to use GPR as a preview nuget source fed by my continuous integration routine and after much trial and error I finally succeded.


But the informations displayed on the package are lacking to say the least, while the nuspec of the nupkg is filled correctly (or at least the same as what I feed to for my releases) nothing is displayed here. Even stranger, for the previous package the release note is correctly displayed (this is just the sha of the commit generating the preview package) while for the latest one nothing is displayed. Also while more information are displayed while browsing the package through the nuget package manager of visual studio (description, tags of the package instead of the tags of the repo), everything else is missing.

I guess this is mainly due to the beta nature of the GPR at the moment and things will improve, but maybe I am doing something wrong? Thanks for your inputs.


Bonus question, currently only Nuget is supported to publish packages on GPR, will we be able to publish with "dotnet nuget push" in the futur? (it is currently giving a strange error "The response ended prematurely.", see  That would remove a dependency on Nuget in my github action :)

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Re: Github Package Registry nuget informations not displayed

I have the same problem here, using a travis CI/CD :(

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Re: Github Package Registry nuget informations not displayed

We're building our .net core/.net standard on linux containers, and as such we wan't to publish nuget packages using "dotnet nuget" (which should be a pretty common requirement since nuget only runs on mono on linux, and who would want to bootstrap nuget anyway..?)


This really needs to work.

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Re: Github Package Registry nuget informations not displayed

I'm getting the same when pushing my nuget package locally on a windows machine.


The strange thing is if you download the package.nupkg from the Github packages webpage and view it using NuGet Package Explorer, or download it to a local Nuget package feed, you can see all the metadata info (authors, dependencies, etc). But if you point to the package source,, you don't see that information.


Thought it might be to do with Token permissions, however I have repo, read:packages and write:packages permissions so should be ok.


This issue blocks us using Github packages so hope there's an update soon about what to do.