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Github Actions workflow on deployment

Hi all,


So I created a deployment workflow in Github Actions which starts on a deployment event, and triggers a new deploy. After the actual deployment, it creates a succes deployment status so that you can see the deployment url in your pull request.


Now this workflow is triggered perfectly when I use postman for instance to create the new deployment for a branch. So I know that the workflow and actions are working.


So I wanted to go 1 step further with my automatisation and introduced a second worfklow which is triggered after a check suite is completed (coming from our ci server). This check suite then creates a new deployment for that branch. This is working as well, because I can see the `pending deployment` on the pull request.


But then the first workflow is never triggered to do the actual deploy. Again, this works perfect if I create a deployment from postman.


The only difference between creating a deployment from postman and from a github action is the user who created the deployment. In postman I used a personal access token and in the Github Action I used the token provided by the action which represents the Github Action Bot.


Could it be that it is not pissible to trigger workflow from within another workflow?


Kind regards,


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Re: Github Actions workflow on deployment

Hi, Joris,


You're correct — from Workflow limitations:


An action can't trigger other workflows. For example, a push, deployment, or any task performed within an action with the provided GITHUB_TOKEN will not trigger a workflow listening on push, deploy, or any other supported action triggers.


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Re: Github Actions workflow on deployment

Is it also not possible anymore to call the Checks Api from an action? In theory you could call the api and create a completed check right?