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Github Actions url to run

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I'm trying to create a workflow for deployment, and I'd like to create a deploy status and submit the url to the log of the action that deployed. Very handy if the deply failes I think. Using actions/bin/debug I can't seem to find any reference to the id of the run or url to the run.


Is there a way to extract this in some way?

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GitHub Staff
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Re: Github Actions url to run

We don't currently expose that information, however I've made a note of this feedback so we can take it into account as we continue to improve actions.

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Re: Github Actions url to run

Thanks! It would perhaps be great to have it as one of the environment variables. GITHUB_RUN_ID or something along those lines.

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Re: Github Actions url to run

I have similar use case. Would be nice to have this.

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Re: Github Actions url to run

Any updates on this now with the launch of CI/CD support? 

Exposing the run ID would be really helpful for supporting parallelization for Cypress users.