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GitHub Apps: `Member` event not received for user-owned repo



While testing I've noticed that Member event for App is only received when repository belongs to org. When repo is owned by user, any collabrator additions and removals are not triggered as events.


This is different from webhook where collaborator events are received in all cases. Is this a known issue or design decision? Please advice.


Test webhook has 'Collaborator add, remove, or changed' checkbox selected and GitHub App has 'Member' checkbox selected.

Here's an example of response that is received by webhook but not by GitHub App.

Request method: POST
content-type: application/json
User-Agent: GitHub-Hookshot/20424ee
X-GitHub-Delivery: a23a2120-2e0a-11e9-9e4e-40d80df9ac46
X-GitHub-Event: member

    "action": "removed",
    "member": {
    "repository": {
        "id": 102602502
    "sender": {



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Re: GitHub Apps: `Member` event not received for user-owned repo

👋 Thanks for reporting @cordis-dev 


The team is looking into this and working to making the member event behavior more consistent and less confusing.